Why play trivia?

Work your brain

Answering trivia questions releases dopamine, a process not dissimilar to eating a food you crave or having a great workout. Encouraging your brain to think about trivia questions in a novel way, working through clues and making connections between unrelated fields makes trivia a great way to give your brain some exercise!

Socialize with friends & colleagues

In times of social distancing and working from home, it’s harder than ever to make real connections with your friends & co-workers. Trivia is a unique activity. It’s light, yet engaging. Competitive, yet friendly. Whether your group is celebrating an occasion, welcoming new team members, or simply looking for a way to stay in touch while everybody is on lockdown, trivia nights are here for you!

A crafty mix of fun & education

It’s educational and it’s entertaining. Its “edu-taining!” Our trivia quizzes make you think. Rather than rewarding rote memorization, we write our questions to embed hints, puns & themes that make you think out of the box.


Customize your content

We can work with you to customize every aspect of your trivia night. We feature your logos, your branding, and questions customized to your theme. We can work in inside jokes or even guest hosts. Contact our team to see what we can do to make this an unforgettable virtual event!