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Please provide as much detail as you can in your notes so that we can put together an event that is right for you.

Someone from our team will respond to you soon to confirm your date and answer any questions you may have. 

Your event can be confirmed over email or phone.  We’ll send you a calendar invitation with login information for your guests. 

Schedule a Live Demo

Are you planning a big event?  Inviting clients or important stakeholders?  Simply curious to see how it works?  Set up a demo! 

Someone from our team would be happy to play a mock game of trivia with you.  It only takes 15 minutes.  Invite your colleagues — it’s free!

Prior to your event, we will provide you with an email template you can send to to your players, with full instructions on how to play. Feel free to use it and modify it to your preference. We will set up a unique Zoom link to the event.

Invite Your Team

Once your trivia night is booked, we’ll send you a sample email invitation that you can customize for your team. 

We recommend asking your team to RSVP, but its up to you! 

Send a reminder email the day before to make sure everyone remembers.

On Your Trivia Night

On the night of your event, attendees will join via the Zoom link in the invitation. We can work with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or other video conference platforms as well.

A lively and entertaining host will greet everyone and provide instructions on how to play. No experience necessary! 

Players can join from desktops, laptops, tablets or phones. We’ve found that the ideal setup is a computer and a phone, so you can keep your answer pad separate from the group video chat. No additional software or app downloads are required.

We play! A typical event is anywhere from 5-8 rounds, lasting 45 minutes to 2 hours (we have a variety of packages available). 

There is time for the attendees to meet & greet each other, chat between rounds, and provide closing remarks. We love giving out prizes, and encourage our clients to come up with some prizes they can give to the winners.

How the Game Works

Our host will show up on video and walks everyone through the game.

We’ll give you a unique link to go to on any browser (phone, tablet, computer) that lets you answer the questions in real time.  Someone is always available via chat in case players run into technical issues.

After each question, scores are updated! You get to see who’s in the lead and how you’re doing against the group.

Answers are timed — a wrong answer gets 0 points, but a correct answer gets points based on how quickly it is answered. If everyone answers correctly, the person that answered most quickly wins.