Theme Nights

Need an on-topic experience to fill out your virtual event? 

Looking for a way to show appreciation to your employees?

Want your team to engage with your virtual “bring your pet” event?

Maybe you just want to quiz your friends on your favorite show! Themed Trivia Night is an all-purpose, customizable event that can suit any occasion.

Theme Nights

Game-Show Quality Themed Questions

Theme Nights

Our team of professional question writers have experience on a wide variety of quiz shows and trivia leagues. They’ll do additional research as needed and create a unique, fun, accessible set of questions on any theme (or themes) you’d like. 

That can include movies, cities, industries, general interest topics, hobbies, institutions, sporting leagues, awards, or even the people in your company or group – the list goes on and on.

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Completely Customizable

Beyond just theming the questions, we can adjust every aspect the game to your group’s needs and preferences. You can play in teams or individually, for as long or as short a time and as frequently as you’d like, and even work in different question styles. We also offer ongoing trivia leagues if you want to make it a recurring event!

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We look forward to bringing knowledge, competition, fun, and community to you and those that care about your cause!