Virtual Trivia Fundraisers

Looking for a fun virtual event to raise money for your organization? 

Virtual trivia could be the answer. Our team has put on trivia fundraisers – both annual events and one-offs – for organizations and causes of all sizes. Bring people together for friendly competition, the chance to show off their knowledge, and an easy, fun way to support your cause. 

Our trivia games are live, easy to play, and accessible to any type of players, from amateurs to game show aficionados – plus, we can cater to any theme you’d like.

Virtual fundraisers

Play Live Trivia and Raise Money

A typical virtual fundraiser game is 45 minutes to an hour long.  Depending on your organization’s needs, we have a couple of ways to work with you on ticketing and collecting donations. With low overhead and easy setup, virtual trivia has unbeatable value.

A registration page on our site can be customized to tell your guests more about your mission and encourage donations.  We’ll provide you with a customizable email invitation for your attendees and send out a Zoom link to those that donate. (We can also work with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or the videoconference platform of your choice.)  

Your guests will have some time to chat and your team can share a message before the event begins.

One of our entertaining hosts will join you and explain how to play the game, leading you through the questions as well as showing them on-screen. Scores are updated and displayed after every question – you might be surprised to see how competitive your guests can be!

There are plenty of opportunities to highlight the impact your organization is making and the importance of your cause.  We recommend choosing some prizes to give out to the winners to really draw people in and enhance the competitive spirit!

Easy to Play

No additional app or software downloads are required – you can play the entire game on your laptop, desktop, or phone browser! We recommend using a computer for the videochat and a phone to log your answers so you can look at both simultaneously, but every player can use whatever setup is most comfortable for them. A member of our team will always be available in case of any technical issues.

Custom trivia!

Want a round or an entire game themed around your cause or organization? We’ve got you covered. Our team of writers is the best in the business and have written questions for some of your favorite game shows. With a little information from you, we can put together a game for your fundraiser that will test your knowledge and spark everyone’s enthusiasm.

Partner with us today!


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Please provide as much detail as you can in your notes so that we can put together an event that is right for you. Someone from our team will respond to you soon to answer any of your questions and develop a plan for your fundraiser. 

Your event can be confirmed over email or phone.  We’ll send you a calendar invitation with your login information for your guests. 

We look forward to bringing knowledge, competition, fun, and community to you and those that care about your cause!