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Bring Trivia to Your Virtual Conference

Need to incorporate a FUN element into your virtual conference?  Invite your attendees to come together for a lively virtual trivia night! 

With clever themes, an entertaining host, and plenty of opportunities for conversation and competition, trivia is a perfect addition to your online event.


Encourage Fun & Networking

Fun at conferences

Without the ability to gather for cocktail hours and meals, it can be difficult to break up the sequence of webinars and panels during a virtual conference. Trivia is an accessible and engaging activity that encourages interaction between players and allows conference attendees to use their brains in a different way. Scores are updated after every question, so players can see each other’s screen names and work up a competitive spirit!

Our games can be customized to run as short at 15 minutes or as long as a multi-hour trivia tournament, with breaks depending on the needs and goals of your event. We can host the game on whatever video platform you’re using for the conference, so your guests won’t need to download any additional software. Once everyone is on the call, you don’t need to do a thing – our host will give a quick introduction to the rules, and the game will begin!

Get in Touch

Fill out the below form with some details about your upcoming conference, and we’ll reach out shortly to provide more information on how our games work as well as how we can tailor a trivia game to your event. You can also read more about our games here.

Custom Trivia!

With an existing bank of over 100,000 questions and a team of experienced writers, we can put together a game for any audience. Whether you want a competitive, specific set for the leaders of your industry, a fun general information game to cleanse the palette in between seminars, or something in between, we’ve got you covered.

Partner with Us Today!


Working with us is easy. Fill out our form here. 

Please provide as much detail as you can in your notes so that we can put together an event that is right for you. Someone from our team will respond to you soon to answer any of your questions and develop a plan for your fundraiser. 

Your event can be confirmed over email or phone.  We’ll send you a calendar invitation with your login information for your guests. 

We look forward to bringing knowledge, competition, fun, and community to you and those that care about your cause!