Rookie Trivia Night Package

"Rookie" Package

Our most economical package:

  • 45-60 min quiz
  • Range of topics and question types (multiple choice, fill in the blank, etc)
  • Live host
  • Monitored chat
  • Real time scoring
  • Winners announced
  • Host to announce your prizes (if applicable)

"Pro" Package

Everything in the “Rookie” Package, plus:

  • Up to 90 min quiz
  • At least 1 additional round and/or bonus questions
  • Choose your round themes from a selection (80s music, politics, terrible movies, etc)
  • Recording of the event
  • Your logos displayed before each round

"Genius" Package

Everything in the “Pro” Package, plus:

  • Up to 2 hour event (several extra rounds & bonus questions) 
  • Our team works with you to deliver a fully custom event
  • All questions & themes written just for you
  • Your logos & branding throughout, including host’s background
  • Host can work with your script, shout outs to clients, specific employees, etc
Up to 20$275
Up to 50$425
Up to 100$675
Up to 300$895
Over 300contact us
Up to 20$425
Up to 50$625
Up to 100$995
Up to 300$1,350
Over 300contact us
Up to 20$745
Up to 50$1,175
Up to 100$1,845
Up to 300$2,495
Over 300contact us

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