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The Lost Empire

Today’s question: Which Space Shuttle, named for a long-lost city, made its first voyage in October 1985?

The answer: Atlantis
After flying approximately 126,000,000 miles, the Atlantis was retired in July 2011.

Asi Es Perfecto

Today’s question: Rihanna’s “Umbrella” broke the iTunes record for biggest debut for a song, previously held by what Shakira tune?

The answer: “Hips Don’t Lie”
The song, initially titled “Lips Don’t Lie,” was first recorded by Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill for the Fugees reunion.

Back in ‘Nam

Today’s question: Fictional character John J. Rambo won the Congressional Medal of Honor fighting in what war?

The answer: Vietnam
The second film in the franchise, Rambo: First Blood Part II, deals directly with this as Rambo searches for lost POWs.

Roy G. Biv

Today’s question: With the shortest wavelength visible to most human eyes, what is the seventh color in a rainbow?

The answer:
Violet light has a wavelength between 380 and 450 millimeters.

Spicy Take

Today’s question: Most wild giant pandas live in what Chinese province, known for its spicy cuisine?

The answer: Sichuan
Great pandas prefer bamboo forests in low mountainous terrain like those in Sichuan’s numerous mountain ranges.

Who Is Howard Roark?

Today’s question: Howard Roark is the architect of the Stoddard Temple, a monument to the human spirit, in what novel?

The answer: The Fountainhead
Fountainheadauthor Ayn Rand is also known for Atlas Shrugged, a novel with a similar (and widely criticized) message of individual exceptionalism.

Galaxy Quest

Today’s question: Swedish soccer superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovic currently plays for AC Milan, but in 2019 he was with what MLS team?

The answer: LA Galaxy
Ibrahimovic holds the record for most goals scored for the Swedish national team – 62 throughout his career.

Thank You, Chef

Today’s question: What Queer Eye food expert hosted Chopped on The Food Network and appeared as a judge on early seasons of Top Chef?

The answer: Ted Allen
Allen’s onetime private chef, Antoni Porowski, is the food expert on the rebooted Queer Eye.

Let’s Dip

Today’s question: In American restaurants, a “French Dip” is a roast beef sandwich served with what on the side?

The answer: A bowl of broth
Some versions are served with the bread pre-dipped and wet.

Papa Was A…

Today’s question: In 1995, the Simpsons parodied what band with a poster for the “Steel Wheelchairs” tour?

The answer: The Rolling Stones
The joke was that the Stones would be very old and unlikely to continue touring in the fictional future of 2010; however, they had a tour planned as recently as 2020.